Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru


Richard Suchorzewski -  Chairman of The Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party has been chosen as the Party's candidate to fight the Newport West By-Election.

Richard a self employed business consultant/improvement specialist has returned back to active politics after some 11 years absence when the "Welsh Assembly" announced that it had planned to increase Assembly members by some 20 - 30 adding another £10million - £13 million costs to an already 'inflated and unecessary' bureaucracy.


Richard said:

"I have never been in favour of the Welsh Assembly as I have always seen it as an unecessary layer of additional politicians taking 'money out of the pockets' of Welsh people, who are perhaps some of the poorest and economically disavantaged in the UK. 

Since the creation of the Assembly in 1997, literally more than one billion pounds have either been spent on this flawed structure or squandered by this entity on vanity projects attempting to justify its existence.

Now after some 21 years of abject failure - where our health and education services are some of the poorest in the UK, and our economy basically exists as the result of 'Government Jobs' as opposed to successfully attracting serious inward private investment, - these economic parasites believe that the solution is to increase their number by up to 50% to solve this problem.

I am standing in the By-election so that the people of Newport and of Wales as a whole, will be aware of our existence and that there is a Party it can vote for (in addition to their own preferred party) at the Assembly Elections in 2021 by giving us one of your two votes."

David Bevan (Party Leader) and Party co-founder Jonathon Harrington jointly confirmed that:

"Richard will make an excellent candidate and we are proud to have someone of his calibre representing the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party."