Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru

Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Welsh voters are being ignored as the Welsh Government receive a 'raft' of new powers, but can't even sort our economy!

There has never been the same appetite for devolution in Wales as there has in other parts of the UK. With only a 50.2 percent turnout and a vote of 50.3 against 49.7 percent for devolution, the Welsh Government really does sit on a ‘knife edge’. So why is today’s Conservative Government ignoring Welsh apathy by giving Welsh Labour more powers?

The second referendum, which should have asked whether we actually need a Welsh Government at all, simply allowed them to pass laws on matters ‘under their jurisdiction’ independently of the UK Parliament. It do not suggest that the Welsh Government should be able to pass laws on matters ‘outside their jurisdiction’. So why on earth are they being allowed to confer additional powers in such important matters as taxation without the say of the people of Wales?

The introduction of the Wales Act in 2017 has given the Welsh Government a whole new raft of powers. Is this really what the people of Wales want? Well who knows….because they haven’t been consulted?

The Welsh Government has never been more unpopular. We actually polled more than the Liberal Democrats in the 2016 Assembly elections in both North and South East Wales, despite not even campaigning!

Labours mismanagement of the Welsh economy and public services has been staggering. Wales receives £1.15 for every £1.00 spent in England, yet our education and health system are in far worse shape despite the additional funding. How long are we going to let the Welsh Government destroy our country before we say ‘enough is enough’!