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Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Wales’ Minister for Children, Huw Irranca-Davies has said “it’s VITAL that young children are consulted over Brexit and he will ensure their views are acted on. A Brexit Advisory Group is being established to visit Primary Schools”. Chief Executive of Children in Wales Catriona Williams said “we know that young children are really keen to have their views heard in relation to negotiations over Brexit”.

Interestingly there is no mention of how much this crazy scheme is going to cost the people of Wales? So we decided to conduct our own poll of young children to help the Welsh Government with their findings. When we expanded on the Welsh Assembly’s fears that “that tuition fees may have to rise, as the numbers of students from across Europe choosing to study in Wales reduces”, we were told unanimously by the young children “does Brexit play for Arsenal?” Does the Welsh Assembly really think most primary school children will have a view? Of those that might have a view, how many are likely to be biased?

When education funding is being cut and Wales has the poorest exam results in Europe, would it not be better to use this funding to help our impoverished schools? Not according to the Welsh Assembly! They don’t seem to be concerned…they’d rather waste our children’s time with stupid schemes like this.

Are you a teacher or a parent? Why not tell us what you think or better still email the Minister for Children huw.irranca-davies@assembly.wales.