Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru

Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Politics in Wales has reached a critical juncture and this week Assembly Members (AMs) have a big decision to make.

The 'latest' idea is to give votes to 16 and 17 year olds as they are more likely to vote and still young enough to vote for 'more of the same'. That is more powers to the Assembly. They are also looking to increase the number of AMs from 60 to 80 or even 90.

If you want more power for the Assembly, which option would you support? That's right, more politicians, more costs and more 'control' from Cardiff.

They are discussing the possibility of changing the voting system to Single Transferable Vote (STV.) This system, where voters rank candidates, creates a legislature which more accurately reflects the will of the people and does away with the problem of ‘safe seats.’

They will be discussing other possible democratic reforms including the possibility of things such as a ‘gender quota’ to ensure there is a fair balance between male and female AMs.

What they will NOT be discussing is the most obvious option which is that we should dispense with the Welsh Assembly completely. Those of us (49.7%) who never wanted the Welsh Assembly in the first place have had enough of this circus in The Bay.