Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru

Abolish the Welsh Assembly

There is an old saying which deplores the re-inforcement of any failure and we take the view that no account has been made of the dismal record of The Assembly in that it has failed to address or solve any of the major political or economic issues faced by the people of Wales.

No attempt has been made to even consider the possibility of devolving powers from Cardiff Bay to the local authorities where local people could decide on their own policies much as they do now in England.

Our recommendation is to dispense with the Assembly and when and where necessary replace it with a chamber consisting of Welsh MPs. When considering a certain issue which is only relevant to Wales (such as the teaching of Welsh in our schools) they would sit and vote separately from other (non Welsh) MPs.

Our policy remains that for Wales to grow stronger, healthier and happier the current arrangements are simply not suitable for purpose and whilst we are not averse to devolution per se, we are very much against the current organisation.

Far better would be for the electorate to be closer to local government and political authorities to retain responsibly for their local policies. National issues such as health, law, defence, agriculture and transport should be decided on nationally whilst local issues such as council taxes, local roads and housing should be decided on locally.

ATWAP remains the only political party seeking the dissolving of the Welsh Assembly and replacing it with a fairer more effective and representative structure.