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Abolish the Welsh Assembly

It is becoming increasingly clear that the health and social care sector is no longer fit for purpose, why has this nettle not been grasped and what prevents public sector organisations from seeing what needs to be done, as part of normal business and responding accordingly?

The Institute of Welsh Affairs has offered their thoughts on the recent Hussey review of health and social care. Here we have summarized the salient points.

There needs to be a shift in the centre of gravity of the delivery of health and social care. Hospital care is seen as separate from community care in both our language and our behaviour, yet hospitals should be seen as an integral part of our communities. The result will be more services provided in or near to peoples’ homes, rather than them being sucked into an already overwhelmed hospital. There needs to be a focus on value and shared economic objectives rather than costs, cutting budgets and headcounts.

So do we want more of the same, or a recipe for real change? Critically, we need to ask what needs to be different in our health and social care culture and how do we change our structures to support such change? It is clear that the current culture within the Welsh Assembly is not working. As we advocate, a shift of power from the Welsh Assembly to Local Authorities would certainly create the conditions for prevention, early intervention and maintaining people near their families and networks, leading to greater investment in community resilience.