Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru

Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Politicians are confusing our national identity and using it for their own selfish gratification.

The London School of Political Science has stated “political parties do not present a common version of ‘Welshness’ and each party expresses their own version instead, conflating national identity with their own political ideology”. Clearly 20 years of devolved government has changed the domestic political landscape for the worst!

Devolution has been mis-sold to us…the people of Wales. We thought that devolution would increase a sense of ‘Welshness’ and national identity. Instead, politicians are so confused they are ‘dumbing it down’.

Instead of presenting a united national identity, the politicians conflate ‘Welshness’ with their own party-political ideology. In a nutshell, they use our national identity to suit their own means and fuel their power struggle.

For example, the Welsh Liberal Democrats present a vision of ‘Welshness’ founded in the Liberal and federalist tradition, while the Welsh Conservatives argue the Conservatism and ‘Welshness’ are inherently compatible. A Plaid Cymru interviewee argued that Plaid Cymru is the only truly Welsh party, while a Welsh Labour interviewee suggested that being Welsh and Labour was a ‘natural’ state of being. The Welsh Conservatives, in particular, were clear in that they had had to work the hardest to convince the electorate of their ‘Welshness’, and to counteract the historical view of the party as English and anti-Welsh. So why do we put up with it? What would happen if there was a referendum on devolution again. Surely the results would be very different?