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Abolish the Welsh Assembly

Carwyn has suggested that the Welsh Government could refuse to back the EU Withdrawal Bill by calling it ‘a fundamental assault on devolution’ because powers would return to Westminster from Brussels.

What’s more, he is warning that he will bring forward ‘counter-legislation’ to protect Welsh interests. Are under performing schools, an NHS system is dis-array and failing public services in Welsh interests? Perhaps Carwyn should concentrate on the important issues, before he starts preaching about Brexit. Or perhaps it he simply wants to protect his own interests and couldn’t give a damn about the people. I don’t suppose Carwyn has to sit on a trolley for hours outside A&E whilst waiting for a hospital bed!

A Brexit Minister told the BBC that “I think that for Carwyn Jones to start talking in terms of refusing legislative consent and so on is rather irresponsible”. Unsurprisingly, Carwyn’s ‘crackpot’ EU Withdrawal Bill lost by 318 votes to 52! Oddly though, Hywel Williams MP called the Prime Minister “irresponsible” to go against the will of the Welsh people. Is it the will of the Welsh people or has anybody actually asked us?