Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru

Do we really need more politicians? The Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform thinks that the present 60 Member Assembly lacks the capacity it needs and should be increased. At a time of austerity, should we be questioning whether our money should be spent on more politicians?

The estimated direct costs of increasing the Assembly by 30 additional members is £9.6million, with a further £3.3million of indirect costs such as office accommodation…a total of £12.9 million. The Panel hopes that by giving 16 and 17 year old’s the right to vote, their ideas to increase the Assembly will reach fruition.

However, there are calls for a referendum before any decision is made to increase the Assembly in size. Many argue that the costs for Government should be reduced. After all do we want more doctors or more spin doctors?

However the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform are missing one crucial question. A preferred form of electoral reform would see a compulsory voting system where everybody has to take part. Let’s have a fair voting system where every vote counts and then see what happens to the Welsh Assembly?