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We say, "Never reinforce failure"

Dywedwn, "Peidiwch byth â atgyfnerthu Methiant"

After years of frustration and concern about the arrangements for devolution in Wales, a new party has been founded to represent the views of the many Welsh people who do not want an assembly at all. We believe that the Welsh Assembly has failed to deliver for the people of Wales. We are therefore committed to getting rid of the Assembly.

Ar ôl blynyddoedd o rwystredigaeth a phryder ynghylch y trefniadau ar gyfer datganoli yng Nghymru, sefydlwyd parti newydd I gynrychioli barn y nifer o Gymry nad ydynt am gael cynulliad o gwbl. Credwn fod y Gymraeg Mae'r Cynulliad wedi methu â chyflawni ar gyfer pobl Cymru. Felly rydym wedi ymrwymo i gael gwared ar y Cynulliad.

Standards of Education in Welsh schools have fallen well behind other areas of the UK. The Assembly says the solution is to give them MORE powers.

Mae Safonau Addysg mewn ysgolion Cymraeg wedi gostwng ymhell y tu ôl i ardaloedd eraill y DU. Mae'r Cynulliad yn dweud mai'r ateb yw rhoi pwerau MWY iddynt.

Only 1 in 4 voted for the Welsh Assembly
Dim ond 1 o bob 4 a bleidleisiodd

They have had 20 years to
make a difference...they have failed!

Maent wedi cael 20 mlynedd i wneud
gwahaniaeth...maent wedi methu!

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